Our Business

Lanzarettiis a brand of premium-quality textile home products. Since our establishment in 2018, we have been creating timeless designs manufactured from superior materials while consistently keeping sustainability at the forefront of our mission.


Our colors & designs

Our comprehensive collection boasts a wide range of choices for all tastes and needs. For example, you can choose between synthetic materials or natural ones, such as our top-quality wool plaids and bed throws.


Our sustainable pledge

At Lanzaretti, we care about the present and future of our planet and people. That is why all of our products come from sustainable, eco-friendly sources, and our production process is energy efficient.
We genuinely understand the incredibly harmful impact of the fast fashion industry, both on people and the environment. This is why we make a daily commitment towards a sustainable future by engaging in reliable and sustainable business practices.


Sales and Distribution

Increase the value of your retail or online store by adding LANZARETTI products!If you are interested inbecoming the official distributor for the LANZARETTI brand, please email us.