Our Business

Lanzarettiis a brand of premium-quality textile home products. Since our establishment in 2018, we have been creating timeless designs manufactured from superior materials while consistently keeping sustainability at the forefront of our mission.

We work closely with our suppliers, following our production process from start to finish. All our products are manufactured locally and in the European Union, and we depend on the distinctive expertise and remarkable creativity of the designers and artisans working with us to create authentic and durable designs that match our customer’s vision and needs.
We envisioned our products to be high-quality and timeless, with an aura that never goes out of style. We specialized in the conception and manufacture of plaids and bed throws, and all our products are inspired by superior Italian home fashion.
Always striving to meet our goals and values, at Lanzaretti, the focus always lies on creating exquisite and superlative products full of character that will accompany you in your most cherished moments of rest and relaxation. Our high-quality plaids and bed throws will add a refined and welcoming touch to any of your rooms.