What is the name of your firm/brand?
What year was your firm/brand founded and where?

Accordion Content2018, Europe

Some quick information of the story of your brand (who were the founders, the growth of the firm, the expectations of the founders, the obstacles they have to face, their results).

We are a premium textile company. Mostly specializing in plaids and bed throws. All the designs are inspired by Italian design. Production has all the certificates. We are nature friendly and we care about sustainability that’s why we create only premium products that last long, it’s not fast fashion.

What are your products?
Plaids and bed throws
Could you describe a bit them (type of fabrics, dying, main technical features, average prices, etc)?

Wide range of materials including wool, merino wool, cashmere. Wool products that are used without harming animals. Modern designs and colours. Prices are medium.

What kind of people do you wish to reach with your products?

Our target is: 80% women, age 30-55; 20% men, age 30-55. Mostly housewifes, stay at home moms.

In which segment of market do you wish to place your products?
  • Cheap
  • Medium
  • Expensive
  • Luxurious
What makes your products different from your competitors?
Wide range of choice: people can pick from synthetic to natural wool plaids, many colors, manufactured locally (in EU), premium quality.